Members can Share

SharePoint is about connecting users and empowering others to make smart business decisions, along with giving them proper levels of control. Internal SharePoint members can now invite both internal and external users to view a document or file. This enables users to be more productive and gain control over managing documents and sharing content.


Folders & Files can be shared with Multiple Users

Share multiple files by sharing a folder or share individual files with any user. Notifications are sent to all recipients in the same email. Select the desired email addresses rather than sending individual emails to each person.


Share content securely

Whether you’re collaborating with customers, suppliers, or partners, External Share will help you work more efficiently and collaborate more effectively without ever leaving your desk. In addition, the users are created in Azure external console, eliminating the need for assignment of separate Microsoft licensing.


What is shareXT?

shareXT’s mission is to facilitate secure sharing of SharePoint online content with authorized parties outside of your organization. Utilizing the Microsoft Azure Active Directory, shareXT creates user credentials for the individuals with which you want to share content. ShareXT’s unique architecture helps organizations to use Azure AD’s great security features to overcome the external sharing challenges.

  • Invite external users through email to view files in internal network.
  • Provide access to a large number of users at once.
  • Take advantage of easy content sharing.
  • Disable the guest link at any time from shareXT.
  • No Office 365/ Microsoft License to be assigned.

External Sharing

In the modern workplace, there are scenarios that involve collaborating directly with vendors, clients or customers to get work done. The scope of collaboration has changed to not just include your organization’s Office 365 subscribers, but has extended to business contacts who are not part of your corporate domain. In the past, these scenarios were made possible by implementing extranets with system administrations taking the additional responsibility of managing and owning the underlying infrastructure, user identities and federated logins. With shareXT, you don’t have to rely on them anymore!

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Manage External Users with shareXT & SharePoint Online!

11/08/2016 Sajin Sahadevan

In every organization or business, we need to collaborate with external users who could be your vendors or customers. You have to enable sharing and access for them to effectively collaborate with your organization. Office 365 and SharePoint Online has got the feature for enabling accessing of external users to the intranet portal in different based depending on the requirement.

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